„Hit the road, with your policy on you“

Travel insurance

What and why do I insure?

You plan your trips with joy, be it with family, friends or on business, and we know that despite good wishes and good planning, unforeseen situations may happen, so it is a good decision to go on a trip with a travel insurance policy in your pocket, especially if you go with your family.

We know that you like to pack your bags and enjoy, rest and recharge your batteries, without worrying in case you need medical assistance, legal assistance, if you lose your luggage or personal documents, because you know that your companion is with you, Globos insurance policy "Hit the road with the policy in your pocket."

However, you always have the best time on vacation when you can enjoy exactly as you planned and when you do not need any kind of assistance and help. That is what Globos Insurance wants for you, as well as good health and enjoyment. Have a good trip and send us a postcard!

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Globos putno osiguranje
  • checkmark The most favourable premium on the market
  • checkmark Without borders: Wherever you travel abroad *, by any means of transport, you insure yourself and your family, and when you travel on business, you assure your associates
  • checkmark When travelling alone, with family or in a group, in one or more departures, and even for temporary work abroad, sports competitions and preparations
  • checkmark Babies and those over 85 can travel with our policy
  • checkmark The family policy is also valid when only one parent travels with their children
  • checkmark Tailored for you: The price of insurance depends exclusively on the duration of the trip, the destination and the number of people traveling
  • checkmark Covid 19, as additional coverage:
    • The insurance amount is 5,000 euros
    • Covid 19 insurance premiums and medical assistance are separate
    • No limit on the number of days if there is a Covid 19 additional payment or As long as your trip lasts, the Covid 19 supplement can last
  • checkmark Online conclusion and payment: quick and easy
  • checkmark Telemedicine, online consultations with a doctor in Serbian, in all situations when there is no emergency intervention and direct contact with a doctor is not necessary.
  • checkmark Simple policy activation procedure: By calling the Coris assistance call center on the following numbers +381 11 3636 999 or +381 63 367 409 (only for viber calls from abroad) and indicating the policy number you will be provided the necessary assistance.
  • checkmark 24 hours coverage: Every day of the year during the policy validity and stay abroad, even on holidays

* countries where we do not provide travel insurance services are: Somalia, Western Sahara, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Iraq

* countries where we do not provide Covid insurance services are: USA, Japan and Canada

During your travel Globos insurance provides the following:

Online polisa putnog osiguranja, najsigurnije putno osiguranje
  • Medical assistance in the event of a sudden illness or accident, including:
    • outpatient treatment
    • necessary diagnostics
    • hospital treatment
    • medicines
    • X-ray and ultrasound
    • emergency transport to the nearest hospital
    • urgent surgery due to acute illness
    • dental services to relieve acute toothache
    • repatriation
    • necessary medical assistance with Covid 19, excluding quarantine and preventive testing
    • online consultation with a doctor - telemedicine
  • Travel assistance in case of loss, delay, theft, destruction of luggage and personal documents
  • Legal assistance, if necessary due to an accident or mishap

The policy can be concluded only when the client is located in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The policy cannot be concluded nor can it be extended from abroad. Insurance is not valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Foreigners can be insured if they have a permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia (white card).

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