„Let's stay healthy“

Voluntary health

What and why do I insure?

Health is the most precious and regardless of the compulsory health insurance, I want to protect myself and my employees in case of serious illnesses or the need for surgical interventions. In this way, we are all together conscientious about health at every moment of the insured period.



Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

  • I have adequate and easily accessible health care, at hand, in accordance with the contracted level of coverage
  • I go to consultations, without direct payment of treatment costs, using a personalized insurance card
  • I schedule examinations simply through the GlobosMedic call center 24/7, all-year-round, at: 011 36 36 939
  • The network of healthcare institutions je velika i dobro organizovana, dostupna n is large and well organized, available at: : LIST OF HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS.

*The voluntary health insurance policy is concluded by the legal entity for its employees and their family members in accordance with the needs and available budget.

Basic coverage ensures all the necessary health care, i.e. outpatient treatment:

  • Examination by an attending physician
  • Laboratory findings, tests and analyses
  • Diagnostic procedures, tests and analyses
  • Diagnostic procedures and interventions that are carried out in order to examine reproductive health
  • Emergency medical or medically justified transport
  • Examinations at an outpatient clinic and outpatient surgical interventions
  • Materials and service of administration of therapy, injections, IV fluids and work therapy with the cost of medicine
  • Outpatient care after hospital treatment
  • Psychiatrist or psychologist services
  • Homeopathy and acupuncture
  • Medical technical aids
  • Home visits by an authorized physician in medical emergencies
  • Treatments in the emergency unit
  • Physical and speech therapy
  • Ophthalmological examination
  • Emergency dentistry due to an accident

Additional coverage ensures the following:

  • Hospital treatment - hospitalization; compensation for the costs of an examination by an authorized physician and medical staff; diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests and findings; administration of registered drugs, injections, infusion therapy; chemotherapy and radiotherapy; surgical interventions; medicines and medical supplies; medical-technical aids; implants in surgery.
  • Health care for pregnant women and newborns - examination by a gynecologist, prenatal vitamins, ultrasound examination and doppler, additional ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies; expert fetal ultrasound; childbirth, which includes costs incurred for the doctor, medical technicians, anesthesiologists, delivery room, medicines, additional diagnostics; costs of treating a child in the first month of life; home care in the first month of the child`s life; regular examination in the first 24 months of the child`s life; prenatal diagnostics; examinations, swabs, laboratory analyses; CTG; apartment accommodation during childbirth; epidural anesthesia prescribed by a doctor; the presence of the father at the birth; fetal echocardiology; additional fetal echocardiography in case of demonstrated anomalies; in the case of a high-risk pregnancy, medically justified treatments to prevent temporary childbirth, stay in the hospital to maintain the pregnancy; progesterone and tocolytic therapy and other drugs to prevent premature birth in high-risk pregnancies.
  • Medicines - the coverage of medicine costs includes the incurred costs of medicines that are listed in the current national register of medicines of the Republic of Serbia with or without a docto`s prescription, issued by an authorized physician.
  • Ophthalmology - examination by an ophthalmologist to check vision; procurement of frames and dioptric glasses; purchase of contact lenses.
  • Dentistry - preventive treatment; basic and major restorative treatment; periodontal calculus removal; oral-surgical and periodontal interventions; costs of anesthesia and dental X-ray.
  • Physical examination - a set of health services that are performed preventively in order to check the state of health.

*You can find information about the rights and obligations of voluntary health insurance in the Conditions for Collective Voluntary Health Insurance, which are also available on the official website: www.globos.rs.


<strong>Why do I choose Globos Insurance?</strong>

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

  • checkmark Low cost for insurance value
  • checkmark The only insurance on the market in case of cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • checkmark Safety at the moment when a serious illness occurs or surgery is needed, in accordance with the insurance conditions
  • checkmark Onlinedok, a gift service of a doctor's assistance online, by video call, chat or phone call, is realized through advice and information that does not require direct contact of the doctor with the patient (valid for the policy of voluntary insurance against serious illnesses and surgical interventions)
  • checkmark The policy holder is insured at all times during the policy validity period, both at work and in spare time, while the basic policy of voluntary health insurance is valid

Insured cases of cancer, heart attack and stroke include:

  • Malignant tumour
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Stroke

*in accordance with the insurance conditions

Insured cases of serious illnesses include:

  • Tumour
  • Stroke
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Coma
  • Embolism
  • Bacterial meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • And many others based on the Insurance Conditions in case of serious illness and surgical interventions

*in accordance with the insurance conditions

The following body parts may be the subject of an insured event when insuring against surgery:

  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive tract and abdominal organs
  • Heart
  • Arteries
  • Urinary system
  • Bones and joints of the skull and spine
  • Other bones and joints
  • Genitals
  • Eye
  • Ear

*in accordance with the insurance conditions

*the insurer's obligation does not exist in the events arising as a result of an illness that existed at the time of concluding the contract, due to the use of psychoactive substances, committing a crime, suicide attempt, engaging in risky activities or sports, etc., as stated in the Insurance Conditions in case of serious illness and surgical interventions