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Globos Insurance a.d.o. has established an Integrated Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 22301: 2019 and ISO 10002: 2018 in the field of service provision non-life insurance as evidenced by internationally recognized certificates. Integrating requires more standards of the Management System into a single system it is realized through benefits. So we found the optimal way to improve work process and satisfy all external and internal requirements as rationally as possible way, we improve environmental performance and safety at work, raise the level of information security and create all the conditions for sustainable business continuity.

By constantly maintaining and improving the established system, we provide objective, efficient and effective management of its processes, in accordance with clearly defined and controlled procedures, thus achieving:

  • Focus on the insured, in order to constantly increase their satisfaction and focus on the user, through the application of the process of action with objections;
  • Continuous improvement and development of products and services;
  • Full commitment, consultation and training of employees, in order to increasing their productivity and support in expressing ideas, as well as improving the performance of the management system, thus providing mutual satisfaction;
  • Establishing good business relationships with partners and everyone stakeholders in order to create added value for all participants in business relations;
  • A systematic approach to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all business processes and management systems;
  • Proactive action to permanently reduce negative impacts on the environment;
  • Commitment to providing adequate conditions in the workplace and in working environment for safe and healthy work;
  • Provision of competent human and adequate material resources, necessary to achieve the defined objectives;
  • Full information protection and business continuity ensured;
  • Availability, integrity and confidentiality of information;
  • Regulatory and legal requirements in all aspects business;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.
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  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 10002 2018 2024 godina
  • ISO 22301 2019 2024 godina
  • ISO 37001 2016 2024 godina
  • ISO IEC 27001 2022 2024 godina
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