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What and why do I insure?

Household insurance protects my home and my belongings, walls, floors and glass on doors and windows, and even my garage from unforeseen events. It is important for me to insure my home, because it is my biggest life investment, and at the same time a place where my family and friends gather and where I want to feel safe.

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?
  • checkmark Value for money: In relation to the value of my home and the assets in it, the insurance premium is symbolic, and the carefree feeling and relaxation, when I leave it, are priceless.
  • checkmark Quick contracting: Simple and fast procedure
  • checkmark Household items are insured
  • checkmark Ancillary facilities are insured
  • checkmark We also insure third parties, such as neighbours to whom we cause damage
  • checkmark Rented apartment: The great news is that I can insure a rented apartment
  • checkmark Attic apartment: Protection against the penetration of storm water, snow and falling of a tree
  • checkmark Discounts for:
    • coverage of contracted / insured risks
    • multi-year contract
    • for a one-time payment
  • checkmark Household members are insured against accidents

Coverage for damages caused by:

  • Fire
  • Lightning strikes, storms, hail
  • Explosions
  • Falling aircraft, manifestation and demonstration
  • Water coming out of the installations
  • Floods and torrents
  • Earthquake
  • Penetration of storm water, snow and falling of a tree
  • Breakage of mechanical equipment of a building - installation failure
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Glass breakage
  • Liability to third parties
  • Accident insurance for household members

* household insurance does not cover:

- summer houses, unfinished buildings or buildings under construction in any part, improvised buildings and other buildings of low construction category (mobile or stationary caravans, housing containers, barracks, buildings with soft cover, buildings of temporary or prefabricated character, etc.) , as well as household items in them

- subsequently added glass surfaces, such as glazed terraces

- jewelry, money, all kinds of files, personal and other documents, securities, securities, etc.

- all types of weapons including hunting, trophy weapons and antiques of that type

- located outside the enclosed space: motor vehicles, trailers of all kinds, vessels and aircraft, as well as spare parts for the same, construction and investment materials, television and all other antennas,

- items in the free space, in auxiliary facilities, as well as items that are not in the place of insurance specified in the policy.

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