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Why do I choose
Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose <br> Globos Insurance?
Why do I choose <br> Globos Insurance?


Value for my money

The most favourable premiums on the market


Leading position in timeliness

Number one in Serbia in the timeliness of resolving claims



For us, every client is the most important client and your satisfaction is the most important measure of our success


Online polise

Conclude a travel insurance policy and roadside assistance in a few clicks online

About Globos Insurance

About Globos Insurance
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Globos osiguranje is not a typical insurance company, but an insurance family that cares about its clients, their families, their businesses, travel, the fruits of their fields and gardens. Since its establishment, the idea of client security has been woven into the business of Globos osiguranje, the only domestic private insurance company. Step by step, the range of products in the field of non-life insurance is expanding, and with it the family of professional insurers is growing. As a respectable and reliable insurer for all types of non-life insurance, we are working to expand the network throughout Serbia, in order to be as close as possible to customers.

In February 2020, British Motors, by purchasing of the management shares, made Globos Insurance a member of its large business family.

Globos osiguranje is the leading insurance company in the timeliness of resolving claims, which is a key parameter of the National Bank of Serbia when assessing the reliability of insurance companies. In this way, Globos osiguranje confirms the seriousness of its business and commitment to clients to whom this information provides security in the compensation of damages in situations where an insured event occurs.

Thanks to the partnership and friendly relationship with clients, for 28 years Globos osiguranje can proudly boast that it is a ‘truly reliable friend, as its slogan says.

Your peace of mind is priceless and we know it. That's why we deal with insurance.